Friday, October 7

::Duty & Love The Series::

Part 1...

"DUTY makes us do things well but...

LOVE makes us do them beautifully..."

DUTY?It seems everyone has their duties but do they LOVE to do their DUTY?
Or it's the DUTY alone which keeps them doing the DUTY?Is there anyone who suffer from his DUTY without LOVE?Why can't they be both together? 
DUTY & LOVE...a perfect couple!

164. And when a community among them said: "Why do you preach to a people whom Allah is about to destroy or to punish with a severe torment?" 
(The preachers) said: "In order to be free from guilt before your Lord (Allah), and perhaps they may fear Allah." -QS:al-A'raf-

"In order to be free from guilt"...that's DUTY!
"Perhaps they may fear Allah"...hurmmm..I can see LOVE!
Ohhh...well..that is just an intro to my life.. name is ..........(fill in the blank)
I'm a simple girl who leads a simple life...


I lied...=_="

I'm a complicated girl who leads a very struggling life...

Life is complicated isn't it?I have problems everyday with everyone.Do you?
If you don't have any,it means you're not living this life.Agree?
Ok...again I lied!(at least I'm being honest...HONESTY LEADS TO MODESTY)
I have same unsettled problems which I keep for many days like everyday with me.So can we consider it brings the same meaning with what I wrote before?
Currently I'm studying in India, a very big country with high population.So much to tell you how the local people in this community can survive with their big differences between the rich and the poor.Hurmm..I'll tell you in the next part insyaAllah.Please remind me.(^_^)
Oct 3rd,2011.

Can someone tell me what to do now???
With so many problems to think...
With all the pending assignments and revisions...
It drives me crazy!!!
and I feel tired...(T_T)
Relax and think back...there is someONE to help you.
He is Allah,your Lord.The most giving.Just ask from Him what do you want.
Calmness? Richness? Happiness? Wisdom? Assistance? can ask anything from Him.It's because He has all the properties and He owns this world. We're nothing but servants to Him. He is the boss. We only do what He ordered. And this is our DUTY...

But..what about love?
I don't love to do this...
You asked me about love???
to be continued...

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