Tuesday, November 8

Even the smallest deed..

I went to the bank this afternoon to change my old debit card to master debit card. With empty stomach while waiting for my turn, I walked to domino's nearby.
As I walked to the store, I passed by an uncle around 60s. I heard him asking for "rice.. "
By that,  I knew he was homeless and hadn't had lunch.
I entered the store and ordered for one set of lunch deals. Though it was personal meal as usual I couldn't finish it at one shot. So I thought of packing home the leftover when suddenly the image of the uncle popped out.
Rather than finishing all the pizza all by myself,  it would be better to give it to the uncle. That was what I thought.
So I came out and when I met the uncle..

"uncle..dh makan?"
"Belom.. Belom.. "
"nah uncle..ade pizza skit.. "
"wahhh..terima kasih!!!moga Allah bg rezeki yg baik2 utk u..in syaa Allah..
it was quite a long list of prayers from him.

I was touched.

I only gave my leftover portion about two slices of pizza..
But he was appreciated much by it.

That feeling was indescribable. I was speechless and my eyes got teary as I walked inside the bank to continue the waiting.

Thank you Allah.

You are the best-knowing about myself.