Saturday, December 31

New Year, New People & New Me.

Count down to 2017 for another 6 hours.
2016 is leaving me with a lots of stories to be remembered.
Last week after my Eday event,  few conflicts rose that left me devastated. Then at last,  after sometimes being in the same situation,  I decided to leave my group. I started off my tarbiyah journey with this group of people, but now I have to leave because this is no longer a favourable place for me to grow. I have learned many things throughout my nine years of tarbiyah with them. I couldn't be the same person who I used to be when we were in India.  I need to find a place where I can grow in this kind of struggles I have.
Whoever had been with me all these years.. I will never forget you guys. All the memories remain.
The difference is I'm now in a different train but still heading towards the same last station.
Let's pray Allah will give a good year of 2017 for each and every of us.
See you in Jannah iA. 

Monday, December 19


That is the only word stay in mind if u ask me how have I been feeling these few days.. 
Another 6 days left to my E-day... hurmm.. 
tak tahu la ape yg ade dlm hati ni.. 
only Allah knows.. so many things happened beyond my control.. 
as I can't predict the future,  aku tak tahu bagaimana perjalanan kehidupanku yg kehadapan ini. 
Aku serahkan segalanya pada Allah. Hanya Dia yg Maha tahu segala terbaik buatku. 
Kuyakin ini adalah pilihanNya. 
Moga cinta ini dapat dibina atas dasar iman dan penghujungnya adalah syurga. Moga dia adalah insan yg terbaik utk dunia dan akhiratku. Dalam banyak ketidaksempurnaan diri ini, moga Allah sentiasa bantu kami untuk menyempurnakan agama kami ini dan mengampuni segala keterlanjuran, kekhilafan dan kesilapan yg telah kami lakukan. 
Faghfirli ya Allah.. 
Tunjukilah kami dan berilah hidayahMu mengisi hati2 kami ini agar kehidupan kami sentiasa dalam redhaMu.