Saturday, December 31

New Year, New People & New Me.

Count down to 2017 for another 6 hours.
2016 is leaving me with a lots of stories to be remembered.
Last week after my Eday event,  few conflicts rose that left me devastated. Then at last,  after sometimes being in the same situation,  I decided to leave my group. I started off my tarbiyah journey with this group of people, but now I have to leave because this is no longer a favourable place for me to grow. I have learned many things throughout my nine years of tarbiyah with them. I couldn't be the same person who I used to be when we were in India.  I need to find a place where I can grow in this kind of struggles I have.
Whoever had been with me all these years.. I will never forget you guys. All the memories remain.
The difference is I'm now in a different train but still heading towards the same last station.
Let's pray Allah will give a good year of 2017 for each and every of us.
See you in Jannah iA. 

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