Thursday, November 24

Part 7...

24th November 2011.

I'm deactivating my facebook account for some reasons..
reasons that cannot be explained by words..
they can only be explained by the understanding hearts and souls..
as far as i know..
I don't find facebook is really useful for me..
rather than encouraging people to do goods..
I would spend time on commenting and replying messages appear on my notifications..

For some reasons..
I know that I'm doing that because there is this feeling..
feel of guilt..
deep down in my heart..
telling me that..
"You're not facebooking because of Allah!"

I was in state of misunderstood..
I thought that everything we do just because of Allah..
I'm studying because of Allah..
I'm doing dakwah because of Allah..
I'm being a good daughter because of Allah.. everything we do because of Allah.. was wrong..
my concept was wrong..
it is actually in this way..
because of Allah,I'm doing this...
because of Allah,I'm studying..
(Allah tells us to search for His knowledge,so I have to study or else I won't study if Allah tells me not to)
because of Allah,I'm doing dakwah..
(Allah tells us to spread the Islam,so I have to do the dakwah or else I won't do the dakwah if Allah doesn't instruct so)
because of Allah,I'm being a good daughter..
(Allah tells us to treat our parents mercifully,so I have to be a good daughter or else I don't have to if Allah does not tell me to do so)

So,do you got my point here?
if someone ask you, "how to study for the sake of Allah?"
your answer might be.."your intention of studying must be because of Allah" or "no 'lagha' things when you are studying" or "relate what are you studying with the greatness of Allah"..
but still the question remains "how????"

let makes thing looks simpler..

In a nutshell..when you do like this, you will always remember Allah in every action you take plus you can easily know why you are doing that..

In the illustration above,you put Allah first in your action rather than you put your action first then comes to Allah.

Understand or a lil bit confusing?


Sang Pujangga said...

May Allah bless ur determination!

aisyah ismail ♥ said...


rindunyee akak ngan adik yg sorang nihh..


kaif hal ukhti?

may allah make ease of everything insyaallah.

mendoakan dr jauh.


...zUlaIkHA... said...

to sang pujangga...

jazakallah kahiran kathira for ur understanding..=)

to k.aisyah ismail..

alhamdulillah..i'm doing fine..Allah jagekn saye bg pihak akak..hee..i bet He is doing the same towards u too rite?

will always luv u till His Jannah..

Akmal Hayat said...

Good enlightenment. jazakillahu khayran.