Sunday, May 24

gOod lUCK????

GOOD LUCK @ ALL THE BEST is proper for a mosleem?

the scenario of wishing others with 'gud luck' always occur when there's an examination @ interview etc.What does gud luck means???if we look into its literal meaning, it means that we depend on our luck and may our luck is gud for what we undertakes.So,does it means that we don't believe in Allah as we believe in luck?

How about 'all the best'???When somebody wishes us with 'all the best',it seems that they are hoping the best from us and may we give the best for it, right?
But still they depend on Allah to give them the best for the result.

So,which one do you prefer? GOOD LUCK @ ALL THE BEST ?

Well..this is what we call 'TOK session'!!!

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