Saturday, July 27

Home Alone!

Assalamualaikum wbt to all!

Well...actually I have to study after this since my final exam is just around the corner!
so I promise myself to spend only 20 mins in writing this post!
As the title depicted..yeah!I am now living alone in my Rs 26k bungalow!
while the rest of my housemates leaving the house for performing taraweekh in masjid..
so u got what it means?
it means I cannot perform my taraweekh because of 'something' related to women only. is not really fun you know (though u can eat during the day while other are prevented to do so) especially in this holy month of Ramadhan becauseeeee...

1st - it can decrease the spirit of Ramadhan during this period.

2nd - your ibadah (eg. solat, qiyamullail etc) is limited.

3rd - YOU CANNOT FAST!(ouhh..for is not fun...for some maybe..)

aren't they?

I was in state of afraid of these effects before.
Before I discovered the beauty of everything that Allah has planned for me (and you of course!).
The thing that makes me afraid the most is - if I cannot fast during the last 10 days of Ramadhan which in any one day is the day of al-Qadr, and the night is Lailatul Qadr, a night that Allah will descend and listen to every prayers make by His slaves.
That beautiful and amazing night can only be given to those selected by Him.
To those who race towards Him consistently in this month of Ramadhan.
Surely...I want to be those ones! dear sisters..
what can we do if we cannot perform any solat by that time?
are we going to blame the destiny set by Allah?
this is all planned and arranged by Allah for some reasons..
He is the only who knows!
As our part as His abeed (slaves), we should be grateful for this extra thing / nikmat (ie the menses)
because of this menses we are being considered 'normal' as a female.
This menses also indicates that we can have pregnancy after our marriage in syaa Allah.
The greatest feeling for being a woman is when seeing her own baby is given birth from her own womb.>_<

As a medical student, I learnt a lot about human body and female genital system is one branch of it.
Many abnormal diseases pertaining only one part of this female genital system,
one of the organs that made up the system ie uterus (commonly used 'womb' for non-medical term).
Do you want to know something extra about this uterus/womb?
(You cannot find this fact in any medical books.)
Allah did mention this in His Quran :

"Allah knows whatever is in the womb of any female and whatever the wombs diminish and whatever they increase. And everything with Him is with proper estimate."  - Ar-Ra'du:8-

Allahuakbar!Allah is the greatest!
By this verse, He gave us a sign that He knows everything.
He knows everything abous us as a human and specifically us as a female!
Don't you feel great?
He never abandoned you after creating you as His best creatures!
He remembers us all the time and He portrayed His love and concerns towards us in His greatest words ie al-Quran!
He never leave us without a proper guide.
It is always us who turn our back to Him.
If we cannot pray or fast,there are many forms of ibadah we can do like zikir,preparing food for fasting friends to break their fasting (this surely will give you pahala/'reward' as a fasting people), reading books (fikrah/seerah), sadaqah etc.
You can also wake up for qiyamullail (but not perform any solat of course), just zikir and duas!
He will listen in shaa Allah!
Allah never apply any double-standard on us.
Keep praying and remembering Him!
May we all have a blast Ramadhan ever!(*_*)

p/s : If you learn medics, you will know what is extra inside the womb (e.g. fibroids,hydatidiform mole etc) and what is diminish (e.g. amenorrhea,ectopic pregnancy etc).

Learning medics and relating it to Quran is wonderful yet (medic itself) stressful.

Gotta back to my 2-inchs pathology book!

Ramadhan kareem to all!


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