Saturday, January 16

For The First Time...For The Rest Of My Life...

So many ‘my first time’ stories for the rest of my life to post here..

1st…this is my first time to post something on my blog in this new year of 2010. I think it’s not very late to wish u ‘ a very happy new year of Hijriyah’. Hope He will give u n me more blessings in this year...(^_^)

2nd…it was my first time to shed tears in front of my sahabat…which is the only thing that I never did it before when I were with u Cik Sit, u’re the fortunate one among our sahabiah..not even Kura-kura has seen my tears.

3rd…it was my first time to get such a very bad result in semester 3 exam that makes me worried for the upcoming academic day. 29 out of 42..BAD..BAD..VERY VERY BAD. Mom and Dad, please forgive me for the worst performance…I’m very very sorry..I never meant to hurt u both (hope not,are u?)(-_-)..I know that Allah always give me a knock before the red day..of course it’s hurt but it makes me realized that Allah never forget to remind me..not being overjoyed with the previous improvement-last sem..and don’t get carried away with those unnecessary feelings for this moment…Thank You Allah…Luv U so much!!!Deep inside my heart….insyaAllah there’s always be you at the top!

“ And those who had desired his (Qarun) position the day before, began to say : Know you not that it is Allah Who enlarges the provision or restricts it to whomsoever He pleases of His slaves. Had it not been that Allah was Gracious to us, He could have caused the earth to swallow us up (also)! Know you not that the disbelievers will never be successful.” - al-Qasas, 82-

4th …it was my first time that my mom did not permit me to go out from KMB for the whole sem 4 even an outing to buy some stuff unless there’s an important matter that extremely need my presence.It means NO DAURAH…not anymore..what a loss..great loss indeed! I couldn’t accept that till now…but I’m powerless to go against my mom’s words… the saddest thing that I couldn’t bear the result…(-_-)

“ And We have enjoined on man to be good and dutiful to his parents, but if they strive to make you join with Me in worship anything that as a partner of which you have no knowledge, then obey them not. Unto Me is your return, and I shall tell you what you used to do,” - al- Ankabut, 8 -

In a nutshell…the first time I cried in front of my sahabat ------BECAUSE----the first time my mom did not allow me to go out -------BECAUSE------- the first time my result dropped badly-----That’s the association!

Last but not least..the last ‘my first time’ will be…it was my first time to fell in love with Maher Zain‘s song right after listening to the FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE…

I praise Allah for sending me you my love
You found your home and sail with me
And I'm here with you
Now let me let you know
You've opened my heart
I was always thinkin' that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along oh
And there is a couple of words I wanna say

For the rest of my life
I`ll be with you
I`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time
I`ll be loving you.loving you
For the rest of my life
Thru days and night
I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and forever I…I`ll be there for you

I know it deep in my heart
I feel so blessed when I think of you
And I ask Allah to bless all we do
You're my wife and my friend and my strength
And I pray we're together in Jannah
All I know I found myself
I feel so strong
Yes! Every thing was changed when you came along oh
And there is a couple of words I wanna say


I know deep in my heart
And now that you're here in front of me
I strongly feel love
I strongly feel love
And I have no doubt
And I sing it loud that I will love you eternally


I know it deep in my heart

....Such a romance song...bak kata my rumate.. “ cair dengaq ni! ”...(^_^)

STATUS : PRETEND TO BE let other happy too...

p/s : All the best for my sahabiah who gonna have their interview next those in IUMC n UK.. basyaak!!!


'aisyah ismail said...


dear aziani yg dikasihi fillah..

akak terlalu jauh nak peluk awak di sana.. (-_-)

moga awak terus bangun.. terus kuat.. terus istiqamah di sana..

banyakkan doa.. banyakkan qiyam.. banyakkan usaha ea dik..

allah will always uji kita dengan bende2 yg akan melemahkan kte atas jalan da'wa ini..

cuba try tadabbur surah at-taubah hingga akhir hayat.. moga peroleh hidayah dan kekuatan dariNya.

love u always..


Akmal Hayat said...

Kadang kala, Dia jatuhkan kita supaya kita rasa apa orang yang berada di bawah rasa.

Kadang kala, Dia jatuhkan kita untuk mengajar kita erti bersyukur berada di atas.

Kadang kala, Dia jatuhkan kita supaya kita tidak berasa terlalu selesa berada di atas hingga kita alpa kepadaNya.

cg cakap.."normal laa tu jatuh..nnt kita akan melantun lebih tggi.." Walaupun ia agak kontradik dgn hukum fizik..layan~

gud luck final exm!

mfazli said...

janganlah sedih yep kak azy. nanti anak2 taska pong jadik sama sedih..

tetaplah bersinar yep wahai permata yang berharga!(^-^)v

Allah bersama-sama kita.:)

Amin Rox said...

Salam Alaik..

Jgn bersedih, perjuangan tak lari dari naik turun. Tapi berjuanglah sampai ke titik terakhir k.

EH, apsal semua suke kat lagu for the rest of my life ek??? even myself too! hooho.. tapi lagu mahir ain sume sedap2 la.. seyes.

Sang Pujangga said...

I know how was the feeling...the 29 part..and the crying part...Czech people said: stejné

*psss: I think better for you to take my advice...may Allah lead you.. =>"

...zUlaIkHA... said...

to kak aisyah... je dh cukup untuk mengubat rindu ni..(^_^)
u're such an inspiring sis!!!



...zUlaIkHA... said...

to akmal hayat...

wah..yg melantun lebih tinggi tu tak tahan...insyaAllah!

walaupun ia agak bertentangan ngn hukum fizik yea?tapi tidak pada hukum Allah...(^_^)hehehe...

tq..hg pown sma!berusaha ke arah jaya!!!

...zUlaIkHA... said...

to abang taska fazli...

rindunyer nk jumpe adik2 taska!!!dapat release sket tension bile ngn dyorg...(^_^)

very honest n open to express their feeling...their laughs make us laugh too!

insyaAllah Allah sentiasa menemani kita...

...zUlaIkHA... said...

to amin ruk...

yup..btol tu..kita perlu berjuang sehingga islam tertegak di bumi ini..sehingga ke titisan darah yg terakhir...

tp ntok ib..berjuang sehingga ke titisan keringat yg terakhir..(^_^)

nway mang all his songs sedap2 pown...i love his lyrics...

...zUlaIkHA... said...

to naiman...

juz to clarify : obviously i was crying not b'coz of my result...

yg sedeynyer sye xpat kuar lg ntok ke program...tu yg xbest...

Sang Pujangga said...

Czech people still saying: stejné


mfazli said...

mohon mencadang yep=)

one of the easiest solution would be minta tolong sisters recordkan setiap pengisian dauroh.

walaupun cara mendapatnya tak sama, tapi kefahaman yang disampaikan itu tetap sama.


kita berusaha ke penghabisan, dan yaqinlah Dia akan show you The Way.

"kalau tak nampak lagi Jalan tu, kiranya usaha kita tu tak cukup lagi (belum capai tahap pengertian jihad). perlu usaha habis-habisan lagi!"



...zUlaIkHA... said...

to mfazli...

insyaAllah akan dipertimbangkan...
sian mu...(^_^)